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As a proud hot tub owner, you probably agree that your spa is a key component to your lifestyle. Whether you’re just getting home from a busy, stressful day at work, or you’re looking to kick back and relax on a Friday night, your hot tub can help you unwind and rejuvenate. So, it’s understandable to say that you might be a little stressed out if you were to find that something isn’t working quite right or that it needs a repair. Your hot tub is supposed to be your source of stress relief, not the cause of it!

That’s where hot tub service comes into play. With routine hot tub service and maintenance solutions, you can enjoy all the perks that your hot tub has to offer, and let our experts worry about the rest. Our team of hot tub technicians can perform everything from regular cleaning and draining processes, to identifying problem areas and doing whatever needs to be done to fix it. Even if you notice that something is wrong with the system, you can always submit a service request and have one of our experienced and friendly technicians come and take a look at it.


Our service area covers a 60-mile radius of Billings and Yellowstone County. Contact us today or submit a service request online to get started. We’re always here to help.


Standard Drain, Clean, and Fill


Save time... Let us change out your water!

Draining of spa water
• Vacuuming out of excess water in footwell
• Chemical wipe down of interior and exterior (cover not included)
• Basic chemical initial treatment
• Replacement of filter, if needed (filter cost not included)
• Refilling of fresh water into the spa

Spa Detail and Decontamination Flush

hot tub detail and flush in billings, MT

Chemical cleaning of the spas plumbing, heater, and pump system

 Basic chemical initial treatment
• Spa drain
• Blow out of plumbing lines for complete water removal
• Chemical wipe down of interior, exterior, and cover
• Removal of soft components (i.e. pillows) for deep cleaning
• Vacuum out of spas equipment area
• Replacement of filter, if needed (filter cost not included)
• Spa refill

Smart Tub Upgrade Install

wifi spa.png

Upgrade Eligible Hot Tubs to SmartTub System

Convert your eligible Sundance Spa into a Smart Tub.  Contact us to see if you are eligible for this fantastic upgrade.

Spa Cover Cleaning


Recommended seasonally to add longevity to cover life, eliminate fading and odors

Inspect spa cover for any potential concerns, chemically remove dirt and build up from top and bottom of the cover, and condition cover. Chemicals included.

Replacement Cover and Step Package

sundance cover and steps

Replace old cover with a new Mate 3 and add step unit for ease of access

• Removal of current cover lifter if needed
• Installation of Cover Mate 3 cover lifter fitted to your current cover
• Assembly of 2-Step Handy Plastic Steps with Gray, Espresso, and Teak Color options

Pleated Filter Cleaning

hot tub filters in billings

Filter Care without the expense of a brand new filter

Let us put in a new filter and take yours back to our warehouse where we will chemically clean and sanitize the filter, deep clean in between each individual pleats, and dry in a temperature controlled environment that enables the fibers to bind back together for proper filtration. We will return and install your filter on our next visit to your neighborhood. Chemicals included.


Recommended to be done no more than two times to the same filter.
(Microfiber filters cannot be cleaned and must be replaced.)


Filter Replacement Service

filter replacement

This is recommended when buying and selling any house with a spa

Let us replace your old filter with a new filter, properly dispose of the degraded filter, ensure no air pockets have penetrated the spas plumbing system, and rotate for optimum filtration. 

*Cost of the new filter not included.

One Time Chemical Check

chemical check and hot tub service

This is recommended when buying and selling any house with a spa

A one-time stop to inspect spa water, diagnose any potential chemical issues, add proper dosing in order to return spas water to balanced, and recommendations on chemical dosages for the future.

* Cost of chemicals is not included

Spa Inspection Report


This is recommended when buying and selling any house with a spa

Make sure the home you are buying has a hot tub that is a benefit and not a headache for the new homeowner, you!


A full overview of all components of the spa
• Interior and exterior condition of the spa, cover condition, accessories condition (i.e. steps, cover assist,
• Full detailed report listing condition and recommendation of the spa and components with photographs, and any information on the spa we can locate (i.e. year, make, model, serial #, etc.)

Spa Move

spa move and install

New home? Take your spa with you or give as a gift to a friend.

• Two technicians to pick up at current location and drain the spa, if needed
• Travel to new location within 20 miles of original pick up (drive time and mileage charges to be
assessed if outside the 20 miles.)
• Placement of spa at new location
• Placement of spa cover, reinstall of accessories and fill
• Attachment of wires from the GFCI breaker box to the equipment area (on Sundance Spas only)
• All non-Sundance Spas must be wired by a licensed electrician
• Cost for extra equipment needed at either location and extra technicians not included
• Area must be clear of obstructions including planters, patio furniture, snow, etc. upon arrival for removal and installation


Take your spa with you or give as a gift to a friend and let us do the heavy lifting.

Removal and Disposal of a Hot Tub


Starting at $500 + $20 Landfill Fee

New to rid your backyard of an old, unused hot tub?  We have the equipment and experts to transport your spa for you. Free up your outdoor living space or get ready for a new Sundance Spa.  We are here to help!


• Pre-removal site visit for proper assessment of removal
• Two technicians for up to three (3) hours to remove the unit from location
• Load and return to Big Sky Spas for the proper disassembling of the unit
• Delivery to landfill
• Does not include the cost for deck, fence, or gazebo disassembly, equipment needed to remove from
non-standard installations and labor for extra crew members needed
• Area must be clear of obstructions including planters, patio furniture, snow, etc. upon arrival for removal


Spa Repair Labor Charges

Screenshot 2024-02-19 154953.png

Same-Day Urgent Service is Available

Sundance© Spas ONLY

  • $159 Service call - includes first 30 min on job & standard travel

  • $128 per additional hour

**All prices listed do not include drive time and mileage charges (unless noted). Contact us for more info.

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