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“The SmartTub™ System was created to enhance the user experience for every owner,” said Larry Ovalle, Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth. Ovalle continues, “We engineered this system to go beyond controlling water temperature and jets. Through the integration of the SmartTub™ System and app, a spa owner receives up-to-date information, tips, and how-to videos which make owning a hot tub easier than ever.”

More than 60 years of service and knowledge have gone into the SmartTub™ System. The new SmartTub™ App acts like a personal assistant, allowing Sundance® Spa owners to become hot tub experts. The app offers access to product knowledge and support, power outage notifications, energy usage estimates and important spa functions. Product features that redefine the way you enjoy your spa include:

  • Easy setup -- just pair your app

  • Personalized tips and how-to videos

  • Adjust key settings, such as energy efficiency and temperature while away

  • Alerts you and your dealer when your hot tub needs attention

  • Stay connected with your dealer through 'Click for Service'

  • The SmartTub™ System uses a stable, secure, cellular connection without the need for Wi-Fi. Whether you are in the comfort of your home or across town, you always know the status of your hot tub and can control key functions from anywhere.

For more information on the SmartTub™ System visit

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