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Sundance Vistamar®

Vistamar | Sundance® Spas


The Vistamar™ spa delivers more depth, and we aren’t talking about water. We mean a depth of detail that not many other spas can match. Vistamar™ provides a spacious interior, seating for up to six adults, and adjustable seat heights to accommodate diverse body types. Featuring the innovative Fluidix® PT jet, Vistamar™ provides unparalleled percussive therapy designed specifically for pain in the lower back. Strategically positioned Focus-Relief jets and the Sundance Air Blower add to the pain-relieving bliss, ensuring a comprehensive blend of deep and gentle tissue therapy throughout your entire body. Don’t have a ton of space? No problem at all. Vistamar™ maintains a compact exterior size that fits perfectly in any backyard or outdoor area. And the exterior is made to look better for longer, all thanks to the Sunstrong® Frame that’s designed to last 20 years or more—all made from fully recyclable content. If you need a little more room, upgrade to Optima, and if Vistamar™ is sized right but just outside your budget, take a look at the 680 Edison.

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7-8 Adults


  • Volume: 330 gal / 1325 liters

  • Dry Weight: 874 lbs / 396

  • Jets: 41

  • Primary Pump: North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous, 11.3A Max., 56 Frame

  • Secondary Pump: North America (60 Hz): 1-Speed/2.5 HP Continuous, 11.3A Max., 56 Frame

  • Circulation Pump (Y/N): Yes

  • Diverter Valves #: 1

  • Filtration System: MicroClean® Ultra Filtration

  • Filters: 1

  • Seat Jets: Open

  • Water Management System: ClearRay Active Oxygen™

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  • Height (in): 37.0

  • Length (in): 84.0

  • Width (in): 84.0

  • Volume (gals): 330.0

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