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CLEARRAY Hot Tub Water Technology

 At Big Sky Spas, we understand that your hot tub is your getaway. It is where you can sit back, relax and release the stress of your day. We want you to enjoy the hot tub as worry-free as possible not spending time maintaining your hot tub! That is why we carry the CLEARRAY UV Sanitization System, an innovative water purification system that makes hot tub water treatment a breeze.


Besides peace of mind the CLEARRAY System is:
 Easy to Maintain
 Saves You Money and Time
 Offers Less Chemical use
 Reduces Maintenance Time
 Requires Minimal Effort Great Results

The CLEARRAY UV Sanitization System keeps your water clean so you will experience simple, easy hot tub maintenance!


Water flows into the stainless steel chamber allowing UV light to contact the water, treating 99.9% of waterborne bacteria. This patented system treats water with UVC light Technology meaning no gas or chemicals are added to get clean water. UV is a proven way to treat water with a long track record in other industries like hospitals, beverage bottling, and municipal water treatment facilities. Ease of use is the name of the game and you have found it with CLEARRAY!!

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