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Elevate Your Health with Our
New Cold Plunge!

Adding a cold plunge to your health regimen can offer these numerous benefits and contribute to overall well-being.

Ice Blocks

Bellagio Cold Plunge

Financing available


Seating Capacity 1 Persons

Product dimension: 70″x33″x37″
Weight: 293lbs
Water capacity: 79gallons


Shell material: Marble White


Balboa Mini Inverter Chiller
Circulation pump: 1*0.12HP

Filtration and Purification

UV Disinfection:Yes
Filtration system HydroPur Filter 1 x 50 sq ft


Control system: Intelle-Control P16B162 (Balboa Group)
Control panel: Intelle-Control PB557-02 (Balboa Group)

Light system

Underwater Master LED light 1

Special Features:

1) Insulated shell
2) Cover Included
3) Steps Included

Warranty: 2 Years

Health benefits of using a cold plunge:

  1. Reduced Muscle Soreness: Cold plunges can help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, promoting faster recovery after exercise.

  2. Improved Circulation: The cold water stimulates blood flow, enhancing circulation and cardiovascular health.

  3. Boosted Immune System: Regular cold exposure can strengthen the immune system, making you more resilient to illnesses.

  4. Increased Energy Levels: Cold plunges can invigorate and energize, providing a natural boost to your energy levels.

  5. Enhanced Mental Clarity: The shock of cold water can improve mental focus and clarity, helping you feel more alert and awake.

  6. Stress Reduction: Cold plunges can reduce stress levels by decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone.

  7. Improved Mood: Cold water immersion can trigger the release of endorphins, enhancing mood and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  8. Better Sleep: Regular cold plunges can help regulate sleep patterns, leading to improved sleep quality.

  9. Skin Health: Cold water can tighten pores and improve skin tone, contributing to healthier-looking skin.

  10. Pain Relief: Cold immersion can numb nerve endings, providing temporary pain relief for chronic conditions or injuries.

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